Corporate ResponsibilityReport 2022

As one of the leading healthcare providers, we have a great responsibility – for our patients, our employees and society. Our actions are based on our guiding principles: medical quality, innovation and social responsibility. Äskulabstab


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Our focus topics

Employee health
Patient safety
Patient satisfaction
Awareness of code of conduct
Waste reduction
CO2 reduction
Reduction of water consumption

Sustainable Development Goals

With our healthcare services and medical research, we ensure the best possible care for patients and employees.

We provide high-quality training and education and dual study programmes for health, IT and business courses at our 12 training centres and university-based branches.

We attach great importance to safe and fair working conditions at all Asklepios facilities and to sustainable economic growth thanks to our supplier management and support for junior staff.

Nationwide healthcare infrastructure and comprehensive risk management ensure resilience. Research and digital health services promote sustainable innovation.

Around 170 healthcare facilities in Germany ensure the provision of medical care in rural regions. We promote the expansion of sustainable mobility and reduce emissions in cities and communities.

We promote responsible production by applying due diligence along the supply chain and support responsible consumption through an increased focus on the circular economy.

We reduce CO2 emissions by optimising the use of energy in our buildings, for example for ventilation, lighting and heating technology.

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